"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you." -Ray Bradbury

The Lithium: Novel (in Progress)

My writing keeps me sane, an honest-to-god lithium for my workaholism. Want to know what I’m working on? Here’s a taste:

Vexed to Nightmare:

A Vision:

I broke my world on a breath.
The gyreburst unraveled reality’s fabric;
Entire cities, no, countries are gone. Millions, dead.

Phoenix burns.  Flames chew at the night sky like hell’s own teeth.

Everything is my fault.
I chose life; I chose that breath.
I am destruction.


Chloe Langdon is America’s most wanted young woman.  At seventeen, she’s poised to become the greatest summonara in recent memory, capable of evoking mythical creatures to fight at her behest.  The imaginari coalitions of the world—the Illuminati included—want to prostitute her abilities for their underground gyre-wars.

The catch: Chloe doesn’t know about her abilities, caught in her Illuminati father’s fragile cage of antipsychotic drugs and half-truths.  It takes one violent abduction attempt to shatter her father’s falsehoods, one night to plunge her into the Illuminati’s world of violence, political intrigue, and lies.

Chloe’s recourse fast becomes Victor Drake: her powerful, enigmatic guardian.  He can protect her from the Illuminati and their enemies; however, his caveat for recompense—her loyalty and love—terrifies her. 

But global war isn’t waiting for a girl to grow up; nor, of course, will Victor Drake.  As war breaks between imaginari coalitions, one girl must determine her loyalties, master her abilities, and face her nightmares. . . or else be forced to become them.

Vexed to Nightmare is the first novel in the Gyrebreaker Ascendancy, a trilogy that blends Eastern magical-girl mythology with grand-scale Western epic.  Building on the Japanese manga storytelling tradition and steeped in the poetic works of W.B. Yeats, Vexed to Nightmare tells the tale of one young woman’s fight to keep the very strands of reality—and her own life—from unraveling.